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NIRAS team together with representatives from SKL International and the Swedish Embassy

Ambitious Ukrainian decentralisation project kicks off successful first week in Kyiv

U-LEAD programme represents a part of a larger framework contract, under which NIRAS will establish administrative service centres around Ukraine

19. Feb 2019

NIRAS recently started up a large decentralisation project in Ukraine. At the kick-off of U-LEAD – the Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability, and Development Programme – the team met in Kyiv to discuss the practicalities of the project and priorities for the next ten months. Representatives from NIRAS Sweden and Ukraine also joined the discussion, hammering out the finer details of the implementation.

The team showed great enthusiasm and everyone was excited to start working together.

Natalia Rudenko, U-LEAD Team Leader

The first call-off of the project, which is part of a larger framework contract, is expected to run for ten months, during which time NIRAS is tasked with establishing 112 administrative service centres (ASCs) in communities around the country. The aim is to make the ASCs a one-stop shop where a wide range of governmental administrative services – from notary consultations to passport applications – can be provided. U-LEAD will provide institutional support to ASCs through assistance with institutional structures, providing staff training, raising awareness, and ensuring inclusion of citizens. The team will also take lead on the procurement of furniture, office equipment, and software.

The core team together with representatives from NIRAS Sweden and NIRAS Ukraine

During the first week of activities, the team met with representatives of SKL International, which was responsible for the pilot phase of U-LEAD, and learned about their experiences and insights during the pilot phase lasting from 2016 to 2018. The team also met with staff from Sida and the Swedish Embassy to Ukraine to better understand how future cooperation will work.

The project is a new and exciting challenge for NIRAS and is sure to be a great success with such an excellent and dedicated team.