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Helping to set the course for investments in sustainable development

NIRAS was invited to the World Economic Forum in Geneva to present ideas on the strategic future direction for the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP), an initiative between major private, public, and philanthropic financiers to mobilise capital for investments contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

08. Dec 2018

The Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP) was created by the World Economic Forum and OECD at the United Nations Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa in 2015. SDIP brings together some of the main institutional investors, multilateral and bilateral development banks, as well as donors and philanthropic foundations to mobilise private investments by improving and enhancing risk mitigation tools to reduce political, regulatory, credit, currency and liquidity threats

After three years, it was time for a stock-taking review of the SDIP to guide its future direction. Danida, one of the financial contributors to SDIP, appointed NIRAS to conduct a review of the partnership and provide recommendations. Magnus Cedergren represented NIRAS and presented the results of the review at the Strategic Dialogue on Development Finance held at World Economic Forum in Geneva on Thursday. Close to 40 member institutions took part in the dialogue.

The review was well-received by the members and several of the recommendations were adopted, including a strategic shift from focusing on financial engineering in infrastructure transactions to more up-stream policy and addressing regulatory issues blocking transactions from reaching a financial close.

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