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Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ms Ulla Tørnæs visited Mali in October 2017.
PACEPEP-project in Mali

Job creation in Mali in the political spotlight

The future of Africa depends on job creation for a historically high number of young people in order to prevent migration to Europe.

21. Dec 2017

“It is absolute necessary to create hope for the future for young people in Africa in order to create economic growth and to reduce the migration to Europe”. This was the conclusion reached at this year’s EU-Africa Summit held in Abidjan by the end of November.

EU has promised to invest DKK 330 billion before 2020 and Denmark too has increased its support to Africa this year and in particular to West Africa, focusing on the African youth and the creation of more employments.

A hot political topic

In recent years, Mali has been a topic of great interest in regards to foreign policy in Europe due to the West African Sahel region. The region is currently, the primary route for irregular migrants from West Africa to Europe. Furthermore, the region is characterised by increasing instability, radicalisation and attacks from terrorist groups related to Al Qaeda.

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation visits Mali

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ms Ulla Tørnæs visited Mali in October 2017.

During the visit, The Minister expressed how proud she was of the great efforts Denmark offers in the Sahel region.

“We will address the causes that face challenges such as instability and rising migrant flows from West Africa to Europe. We can only do this by creating future prospects for the region's many young people, and I am pleased with the great enthusiasm and entrepreneurship I have met during my visit. The young men and women are really the new hope for Mali's future,” she stated.

Supporting local tea manufacturer with job creation

Together with the Danish Ambassador in Mali Mme Winnie Pedersen, the Minister visited Mandingo Industrie in Bamako, a local manufacturer of tea. Here, the Director Madame Aminatou Saley Touré showed the two how her team of 23 employees produce tea based on local herbs.

PACEPEP (Programme d'Appui à la Croissance Économique et Promotion de l'Emploi stimulées par le Secteur Privé du Mali) has supported Mandingo Industrie with equipment and training in order to improve and increase the production and thereby increase the number of young employees.

NIRAS is responsible for the technical assistance team, who supports the implementing of the PACEPEP project on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida.


Country: Mali

Location: Regions of Mopti, Sikasso, Segou and Bamako District

Objectives: Creating sustainable economic growth and more employment with an expected creation of 12,000 jobs and support to around 700 new private entrepreneurs intervening in four selected value chains (poultry/maize; livestock/meat/dairy products; fruits and vegetables; craft) and promotion of access to financial services. Furthermore, construction of rural roads, modernisation of marketplaces; building of new or renovation of small enterprises like abattoirs and mini-dairies.

SDG: The project support Sustainable Development Goals number 8 – more specifically SDG number 8.3 promoting ‘development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises including through access to financial services’.

Client: Danida, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project timeline: 2014-1018

NIRAS Contract: DKK 32,780,680

Technical Assistance: NIRAS