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Welcome to 13 Young Professionals.
NIRAS Young Professional Academy (NYPA)

NIRAS expands our dedication to develop young talents

While the second NYPA group is already half way through their training, we have welcomed a new group at the NYPA programme in Belgrade.

22. Jun 2018

From June 4th, NIRAS has enrolled the third group of young talents to NIRAS Young Professional Academy (NYPA). This will ensure two years targeted introduction and training to the way NIRAS is working, particularly with focus on our international activities. Whereas the second group were expanded through including colleagues working at NIC offices worldwide, this year the programme has expended further by also welcoming Young Professionals from another NIRAS business unit working internationally with water and utilities.

The NYPA group is receiving training in Belgrade until mid-July. This is followed by deployments to Head Offices in Europe where they will practice their learning and start creating a network in NIRAS.

Supporting implementation of the NIC strategy New inputs to NIC’s business

At the same time the NYPA group 2017-2019 is deployed worldwide to support NIC offices. Also, they have all been assigned to work on an internal Consultancy Project with the aim of supporting the NIC management in implementation of the NIC Strategy 2020.

Words from a NYPA graduate

Lisbeth Rhiannon Hansen kick-started her international career by being one of the first to complete NIRAS Young Professional Academy, the two-year NIRAS talent programme. Today she works at NIRAS on development projects all over the world.

"After two exciting years based between Serbia and Cambodia, I graduated from NIRAS’ 2-year international trainee programme NIRAS Young Professional Academy.

After graduating, I was hired by NIRAS as a Project Manager to work on water projects in developing countries. Currently, I am responsible for a project focusing on the sustainable development of resources from two transboundary lakes in Uganda and DR Congo.

One of the challenges have been coordinating field activities in the conflict ridden areas of DR Congo. Thanks to the continuous training and learning-by-doing approach which is ingrained in the trainee programme, I have become confident in taking on the responsibility of managing these kinds of complex projects."

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