The GRB conference panel sitting on stage
NIRAS' project was chosen to highlight best practices on how to introduce and work with Gender Budgeting on a national level.

NIRAS’ project on gender budgeting in Ukraine presented as best practice at the IMF Gender Equality conference

Since 2013, NIRAS has worked on a project to introduce gender budgeting with the aim to increase gender equality through policies and budgets in Ukraine. This project was presented by Country Director Catharina Schmitz at the Peer Learning Conference on Gender Equality in Kigali in order to share knowledge and inspire other African countries.

04. Dec 2017

The goal of the Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) project in Ukraine is to increase economic efficiency and transparency in budget allocations that takes into account the different needs of women and men. To highlight best practices on how to introduce and work with Gender Budgeting on a national level, this specific project was chosen by The International Monetary Fund (IMF) as one of the leading initiatives worldwide  on how to, in practice, implement Gender Budgeting as part of Public Financial Management Reform.

“The fact that Gender Budgeting is now supported by IMF and that they are co-hosting this conference is a huge breakthrough. As an influential organization, IMF sets the agenda for what is important and which indicators to take into account in regard to modern financial management systems globally. Before, they mainly focused on financial and economic aspects – but now they start to look at more social components. It is a big step in the right direction,” says Catharina Schmitz, Country Director Sweden in NIRAS International Consulting.

The Peer Learning conference on Gender Equality was hosted by Government of Rwanda, IMF, UN Women and Institute of African Leadership for Sustainable Development (UONGOZI). The conference is a forum for policy makers and aims at spreading best practices in promoting gender equality worldwide.

Gender Budgeting as part of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Budgeting is increasingly being supported as an important approach for reaching UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, more specific goal 5 “Gender Equality”, by IMF, OEDC, WB and UN Women. This is an area in which NIRAS has substantial competences.

“NIRAS is one of the leading companies working with Gender Budgeting, and now we see that a lot of countries in Africa are interested in this way of incorporating gender perspective into the national budget. The whole conference was about this, and it is therefore a great opportunity for us to present our project and experiences,” says Catharina Schmitz.