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NIRAS Africa staff and other colleagues from the continent and management meet in Kenya to discuss NIRAS's next steps

A new vision for NIRAS operations in Africa

With the launch of a new NIRAS Africa Regional Office in Kenya, country representatives from the continent meet to discuss future plans.

27. Feb 2019

Gathering for the first time under the new leadership of the NIRAS Africa Regional Office, representatives from Benin, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia as well as NIRAS International Consulting management met in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss strategy, business planning and development, budgeting, and resource allocation.

“This is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start in coordinating our work in Africa,” said Irene Karani, Director of NIRAS Africa. “Our goal is to increase efficiency through greater collaboration and sharing of resources across offices. In opening a new Head Office in Nairobi, we aim to empower the offices in Africa and build a sustainable business on the continent with greater control over project management that is closer to the client.”

Excitement about path ahead

Over two days, NIRAS Africa country offices and representatives shared their priorities, challenges, and opportunities and discussed plans for new business models as well as improved direction on tendering, resource allocation, roles and responsibilities.

Our goal in opening the NIRAS Africa Head Office is to increase efficiency through greater collaboration and sharing of resources across country offices on the continent.

Irene Karani, NIRAS Africa Director

This was the first time some of Africa team had met. With LTS International coming on board at the end of 2018, NIRAS staff were introduced to their new colleagues from Malawi and Kenya and there was genuine excitement about the potential for closer working relationships and improved efficiency. The new Director, Irene, is from LTS, and while she has her work cut out for her, she has the opportunity to make a big impression on streamlining project coordination among the offices. If you are interested to meet the woman overseeing what now accounts for 50% of NIRAS’s international consulting business, you can learn more here. You can also read about our work in the region in our new NIRAS in Africa brochure.

“Increasingly our clients are based here so it is a natural step that we open this regional office. It is also part of our legacy in development cooperation. Our purpose has always been to create jobs, build local capacity and contribute to economic and social development in the places we work,” Director of NIRAS International Consulting Tor Lundström said at a cocktail party celebrating the new office, which is a merger of LTS and NIRAS Kenya offices.

“It is part of the philosophy of why we are in this business in the first place. We want to create a sustainable future both here and in the north and develop a long-term platform from which we can operate in Africa, built on African knowledge with African people while strengthening the north–south and south–south relationships.”

Tor (left) with Irene and Scott Geller, NIRAS International Consulting Deputy Director of Business Development