Aerial view of the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt
Overview towards Nile in Cairo.
NIRAS Poland wins large EU-funded TA-contract

NIRAS is gaining a firm foothold in the Egyptian water sector

A NIRAS Poland-led consortium recently won a 4.2 million EU-contract aimed at supporting Egyptian authorities in fundamental water sector reforms.

02. Mar 2018

Water scarcity is a growing challenge for Egypt and is at the center of the political agenda in the country. The new EU-project: WATER Sector Technical Assistance and Reforms Support (EU-Water STARS) hopes to help alleviate water scarcity through better resource management.

The project kick-off meeting took place in Cairo on February 11th at the Ministry Water Resources and Irrigation. The participants stressed that the project is crucial for Egypt. It’s the first truly comprehensive initiative in Egypt to manage water resources on this level.

Awareness raising and capacity building in all Egypt

The project activities will be conducted in the next 2,5 years and cover the entire country. The key project outputs will focus on implementation of a Water Accountancy Unit (WAU) and development of regional water resource plans.

Operational support to WAU includes extensive work on preparation of Water System Models. A large focus will be on capacity building activities and not least awareness raising, promoting water saving and protection and efficient management of resources. The project also includes five international study tours for Egyptian sector specialists.

Six project offices

A smooth implementation will be secured by establishing six project offices – one in Cairo and five in regions, plus the involvement of experienced experts in a team with 4 key experts and 3000 days’ work of non-key experts.

The project is the largest single contract-win for NIC Poland and its first contract in Egypt. The proposal was developed in close cooperation with NIRAS’ office in Germany, who is already present in the market with other projects.

NIRAS Poland has recently completed the Reform in Water Sector on Central Level in Macedonia project and is still working on Capacity Building Project in Turkey on Groundwater Management.