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A new NIC office in Manila is to strengthen coordination and collaboration with NIC offices in the region.
New NIRAS International Consulting Business Unit

NIC starts groundwork to establish NIRAS Asia in the Philippines

A new office in Manila will soon expand NIC’s tender capabilities and presence in Asia. Despite a local focus, the team will work with all of NIC.

02. Mar 2018

Preparations are well underway to establish a NIRAS office in the capital of the Philippines by summer. This development comes following the regional Asia meeting in June 2017 and as part of the investments laid out in NIC’s Business Plan for 2018-2020.

NIRAS Manila will undertake three core functions. It will host a Tender Specialist Unit (TSU) for Asia and, depending on the final results from the EU, also a Framework Unit (FWU). Thirdly the office is going to serve as NIC’s liaison office to the Asian Development Bank and other clients based in Manila, including the EU.

The TSU and FWU functions will be closely coordinated from Serbia while overall operations will be managed by NIRAS Finland.

Around-the-clock consulting

Constituting a key investment for business development in the region, the establishment of NIRAS Manila is envisaged to strengthen coordination and collaboration with NIC offices in the region.

Depending on the outcome of the EU FWC tender, a similar arm will be established in Lima, Peru.

In line with Business Unit Director Tor Lundström’s plan, these expansions will enable NIC to create a 24-hours business development platform – a strategic move to succeed in a highly competitive and fast-paced business environment.

Positive people and high standards

Fresh from his mission in Asia, Antti Inkinen, who has overall coordinating mandate for the Asia and Pacific business development and related strategy, expressed optimism on this investment in Manila.

“With a clearly high work ethic, professional standards and very positive demeanour of the people in general, I am confident that the Manila office will become a real NIC powerhouse and greatly contribute to the market development in Asia and beyond.”

Ready this summer

Training for Manila-based staff is scheduled for April in Serbia, and the office is expected to be operational in May/June 2018.