Development Aid in Practice: From peasant to streamlined egg producer

Debora Makenzi dreams of becoming the largest egg producer in southern Tanzania. Watch the video and learn how NIRAS has helped her on her way.

21. Jul 2014

The drilling workers in the booming gas industry off the east coast of Tanzania need a solid diet. SBS, Supply Based Solutions, is one of the many companies ensuring their wellbeing in Mtwara, in the southern drop of Tanzania.

Previously, SBS sourced eggs for its 150 staff from the capital Dar es Salaam and transported them the 562 kilometers south to Mtwara.

But not anymore.

A local egg producer Deborah Makenzi has managed to expand the business with help from the development project LIMAS, so the drilling workers can get fresh and locally produced eggs - and she can sustain a stable sales channel.

NIRAS is technical consultant on the project and has helped local farmers with basic business skills, technical training in their profession as well as connection to the buyers of the product and enhancing the farmers’ access to veterinary supplys and fertilizers in Mtwara and Lindi regions.

Always a market for good quality

The project implementation began in 2011 and will run until end of 2015. Even 1½ years before the project terminates, Chief Technical Advisor Meeri Komulainen calls the project a solid success:

"It looks very promising and definitely very interesting. The region is in a major transformation at the moment due to the gas boom, yet most of the population are smallholder farmers who lack business skills, experience and market knowledge. This is something we can assist them with,” Meeri Komulainen says.

The project means that Debora Makenzi the past year has had technical and business advisors visiting her farm every month. The current order of 900 eggs per week for SBS in Mtwara has proven that local produce sells when the quality meets the demand.

Debora Makenzi is encouraged. Her vision is to expand her production from the current 2,000 up to 10,000 hens.

"I want to catch the egg market for Lindi and Mtwara in my hands so buyers don’t go to Dar es Salaam. Instead they will buy their eggs from Debora in Nachingwea,” the successful business woman says with a confident smile.