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Gender responsive budgeting brings together gender equality and public financial management.

NIRAS is supporting Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, we are introducing one of our projects building more gender equal world.

07. Mar 2018

Gender responsive budgeting (GRB) brings together two things that are not commonly associated with one another: gender equality and public financial management. GRB initiatives seek to improve budget results by integrating budget methods that take into account the needs of different groups of women and men, girl and boys. In the GRB project in Ukraine, NIRAS in cooperation with CPM supports the ongoing Public Financial Management reform by incorporating gender perspective in the budget process. This helps the government of Ukraine to allocate resources in a more fair and transparent manner that benefits both men and women.

Global rankings

According to the Global Gender Gap Index 2017, Ukraine ranked 61 out of 145 countries of the world. The Index benchmarks national gender gaps in the areas of health, education, economy and politics. In close collaboration with the main partner, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, NIRAS supports the integration of GRB at both the national and local level. In each of the ministries a working group has been established in each of the ministries and working group members are trained in GRB implementation. Each ministry has developed their own analysis of the service that they deliver to the citizens, and how this service will work towards increasing gender equality in Ukraine. The project works with all the Administrative Districts, oblasts, in Ukraine. The main goal of the project is increased economic efficiency and transparency of budget expenditures.

Gaining practical knowledge

In total about 2000 civil servants have gained practical knowledge in gender analysis and are now working on implementing recommendations for improvements of programs and budget documents. For example, work is under way to change the regulations that currently exclude women from certain educational institutions.

The project is very much in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), most notably contributing to the SDG5 – Achieving Gender Equality, but in the long term the project will contribute to all SDGs since the National Budget is cutting across all sectors. So far the GRB tool has been used to analyse the national and local budget programs in health, education, social protection and security, and youths and sports.