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Training of trainers at universities as part of the Innovation Partnership Programme in Vietnam.
Innovation Partnership Programme in Vietnam (IPP)

New contract won within fruitful Innovation Partnership Programme in Vietnam

The Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam is succeeding in accelerating success for private sector start-ups in Vietnam. Now, NIRAS has won one more contract within the programme.

21. Dec 2017

Additional strength and resources were acquired for the Innovation Partnership Programme, which is implemented since 2009, when winning the additional short-term expert services.

Since 2015, the Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP) has implemented grant support programmes in Vietnam for young innovative companies and innovation ecosystem development consortiums with the aim of demonstrating global best practices in innovation funding.

IPP’s grant instrument has been tailored to Vietnamese needs and it draws particularly from best practices in Finland, namely the processes of the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes.

Funding leads to new innovation projects

In Vietnam, IPP has designed and documented a 2-phased grant funding instrument and related process that has been tested and demonstrated by organising two major open calls for proposals. These calls have led to the selection of 18 new high-growth potential company projects and 14 innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem development projects.

IPP’s funding instrument covers the whole process from applicant activation to running the open call, independent evaluation of applicants, contracting to monitoring of project implementation.

Transitioning Vietnam into a global trade partner

With the target of further sharing innovation funding knowledge and Finnish best practices to Vietnamese funding organisations, IPP offers a resource of two Finnish experts that have several years of experience working at Tekes and IPP in innovation funding process design and implementation to provide hands-on and remote coaching in Spring 2018. These and many other IPP’s result areas contribute to Vietnam’s transition from traditional Official Development Assistance programmes to more trade related cooperation with Finland and other countries.

Additional short-term expert services

The additional international short-term expert services concentrate on innovation policy support, training of trainers replication for start-ups, training of trainers replication for universities, funding instruments transfer, replication of Innovation Accelerator Program and coaching of joint projects and partnership facilitation.

Supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Goal 8 (Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all) is one of the key areas of IPP when building up and developing the innovation ecosystem of Vietnam. Creation of jobs is one of the main results in IPP’s start-up ecosystem support.

SDG Goal 9 (Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation) is promoted at the programme level and in IPP’s grant support programmes for young innovative companies and innovation ecosystem development consortiums.

SDG 16 (Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies) has been promoted in the numerous funding calls and SDG 17 (Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development) is emphasized in the form of partnerships between governments, cities, public sector, private sector, universities and civil society.

SDG Goal 5 (Gender equality) is endorsed at programme level and in grant support programmes as well as in recruitment, evaluation panels, etc.