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Sharing key learnings from GIZ-funded green growth trainings

NIRAS completes multi-component training on Green Growth in Viet Nam

NIRAS-IP Consult has successfully trained over 200 staff from key Vietnamese institutions with the aim of creating a common understanding of green growth and the inclusive green economy.

30. Oct 2018

In the past two decades, Viet Nam has undergone rapid economic growth that has brought about positive social change, but also environmental challenges such as low energy and resource efficiency; rising levels of pollution of air, water, and soils; and a continuing increase in greenhouse gas emissions. To combat these challenges, the Government of Viet Nam adopted the ambitious Viet Nam Green Growth Strategy (VGGS) in 2012, aiming to develop and implement macroeconomic reforms that enable a green, more inclusive model of growth. In support of the VGGS and Viet Nam’s associated National Action Plan to Reach the SDGs, GIZ has funded training programmes to create a common understanding of green growth and the inclusive green economy targeted at strategically relevant institutions. Over the past three and a half years, NIRAS-IP Consult has successfully trained over 200 junior and senior staff on the achievement of ecologically and socially sound growth.

At the beginning of October, the final follow-up and alumni workshops were held in the cities of Hanoi and Hai Phong. Participants were given the opportunity to present their experiences, success stories, and lessons learned regarding the implementation of green growth within their institutions and personal environments after the completion of the training courses in Berlin, Germany. Discussions also focused on opportunities for and defining responsibilities of future follow-up activities among the participants and beyond the scope of the project.

In addition to having reached its objective of improving the conceptual understanding of green growth in terms of both clarity and coherence across ministries, the project has created a valuable network of participants from various ministries and institutions across Viet Nam. This network will facilitate the inter-institutional exchange and coordination of future steps for the realization of the VGGS as well as the SDGs within the Vietnamese government.

You can learn more about the project here.