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A Fund Management Unit has been created to gather tried and tested fund management experience.
Fund Management and Development Finance

NIRAS Fund Management Unit moves into Development Finance

NIRAS using its strength in Fund Management to move into Development Financing.

02. May 2018

For over a decade, NIRAS has been setting up and administered different types of funds, managing a portfolio of €341 million for clients across the globe.
To consolidate NIRAS large and growing experience in the field, a Fund Management Unit has been created.

The Unit’s central objective is to gather tried and tested fund management experience accumulated over the years to create well-defined services and state-of-the-art tools – like the SmartME online fund management system – and bring together fund management experts, creating a community of practitioners.

“NIRAS’ strength lies in the fact that we have the experience to both set up and manage the fund administrative cycle, while having the technical know-how to do so in multiple areas, such as agriculture, renewable energy, civil society and skills development’’ says Jane Bech Larsen, Technical Director of the Fund Management Unit.

Anticipating the future

With our Fund Management work, NIRAS is also at the forefront of understanding and responding to shifts in development aid market. Part of the Unit’s vision is to use its platform to look beyond tomorrow and better respond to such changes.

“We are seeing donors use grant and challenge funds as it gives them access to private-sector finance and attracts additional capital from non-donor-traditional players. In the broader development market, we are seeing a shift from funding to financing, which comes as new players, such as big pension funds, enter the development market. The entrance is made through blended finance mechanisms to bridge the gap between the demands of large capital and the reality of investment projects,” says Magnus Cedergren, Senior Advisor in Development Finance at NIRAS.

Recently NIRAS won or completed three highly strategic assignments:

• A Danida-study on development financing - loans and project development.
• A Danida-study on approaches and instruments to scale up the development of bankable investment projects (completed)
• Newly won EU FWC Lot6 – Development Financing (consortium partner)

With these new projects, it’s underlined that NIRAS has both technical experience and understanding of blended financing opportunities to bridge project developers with large capital.