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FORMIS established a fully integrated management information system to facilitate effective decision-making around forest management.

Viet Nam forestry project granted Golden Rice Flower Award

FORMIS, the forestry management information system, was recently recognised for its contribution to the development of agriculture and rural areas in Viet Nam.

16. Nov 2018

Every three years, the Golden Rice Flower Awards are granted to organisations or individuals whose outstanding products have made a big contribution to the development of agriculture and rural areas in Viet Nam. At this year's ceremony, the Management Information System for the Forestry Sector in Viet Nam (FORMIS) project was one of 45 award recipients. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) presented the accolade which targets three groups of products and services: 

  • Scientific research and studies: forestry seedlings, cattle, poultry and aqua-marine breeds, inventions, technical solutions, technological processes, and new technologies;
  • Consumer goods products: agricultural, forestry, aquatic, handicrafts and materials, machinery and equipment, and other prestigious commodity brand names; and
  • Models of organisation of production and rural development.

FORMIS was ranked as an outstanding product in the scientific group under the inventions / useful solutions category. The FORMIS project has played an important role in contributing to the sustainable management of Viet Nam's forest resources. As the project comes to a close, its legacy lives on. The Viet Nam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) has adopted for official use FORMIS’s resource database and forest resource monitoring system, which now cover 7.1 million forest blocks and over 1.4 million forest owners from 60 provinces and towns across the country.

You can learn more about the FORMIS project here