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For more than 45 years, NIRAS has been committed to finding innovation and sustainable solutions to meet the SDGs.

Report highlights NIRAS' work contributing to the realisation of the SDGs

Together with five other consultancies, NIRAS is showcased in the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers’ recent communication, "Engineering a Better and Sustainable World".

25. Oct 2018

Featuring all 17 SDGs, Engineering a Better and Sustainable World highlights projects that directly and indirectly contribute towards the realisation of the Global Goals and Agenda 2030. The report selected eight NIRAS projects that together directly target 7 SDGs. However, if you also include SDGs that the projects indirectly address, our work in the field has an impact on no less than 14 of the 17 goals for these eight projects alone.

In the 39 showcased projects, the report gives examples of how members of the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI) transform the visions of the SDGs into real projects on the ground. Henrik Garver, Managing Director at FRI, states that even though the goals themselves are new, international development aid is in the DNA of Danish engineering consultancies. He proudly says “their ability to combine in-depth understanding of sustainable development, with the latest technologies to transfer, and a keen ability to empower people, provides life-changing innovations and robust infrastructure in recipient countries”.

All NIRAS business units incorporated the SDGs into their 3-year business plans.

The report highlights eight of our current and recently finalised projects, one of which is our International Training Programme “Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation (SUWAS) – Integrated Processes” which is targeting ten countries in both Africa and Asia. The programme’s participants receive training on creating sustainable frameworks, organisational analyses and organisational change in order to strengthen their organisations’ ability to support water, sanitation and hygiene activities and services. The aim is to give them the right knowledge and tools needed for them to be able to implement sustainable water and sanitation systems in their local communities.

Engineering a Better and Sustainable World gives a good picture of the vital importance of the SDGs and Agenda 2030. At NIRAS, we actively work with the SDGs every day, incorporating them into all our activities. We always measure our projects’ impact on society and the environment, particularly when it comes to our work in international development. We believe that aligning our work with the SDGs enables us to identify and deliver solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world – a fundamental objective of all NIRAS employees. 

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