people shooting occupational video
Shooting videos in Sunce Marinkovic Company in Kragujevac, production crew, trainees, mentor and an actor and Serbian social media influencer Luka Raco

An innovative tool to promote youth employability

The E2E's work-based learning video series helps spread the word among Serbia's unemployed youth about job training opportunities

30. Aug 2019

In an effort to find the right tool to communicate with young people in their own language, understanding their interests, and showing them how they can find a job they’ll love, the Education to Employment (E2E) project team has taken a leaf out of YouTube’s book.

“We have created a series of high quality videos to showcase occupations that young people can train for through the E2E work-based-learning programme and released them on our various social media channels,” explains Sandra Vlatkovic, communications manager for the project. “This approach has led to a large number of young people receiving the information they need in the fastest way possible in a format they appreciate and on channels they use.”

Shooting footage at ALFA Company in Kragujevac

Young people expect fast, clear and easily consumable communication so content must be well planned and adapted to the world of new technology. A professional film crew creates the videos and Serbian social media influencers, such as Luka Raco, are brought on board to spread the message. The E2E team is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. All the videos are hosted on a special E2E YouTube channel.

“Our video content offers them just the right kind of information and young people are taking notice. On Facebook alone, which is still the most visited social media channel in Serbia today, the new video content has increased traffic to the E2E page fivefold. Within a month of sharing, the videos have had 40,000 viewers, and more than 20,000 young people have interacted with our Facebook posts.

“These data make us proud of the work we do, but more importantly, they show us that young people want to find a job and that we can help them do that. It is only important to find the best way to speak with and reach young people,” Sandra says.

Youth employment is an imperative for any country that wants to build a sustainable economic system. The E2E project raises youth employability by creating a link between the needs of employers and young people seeking a job. Almost 600 young people in 60 companies have gone through the work-based training for the professions that are lacking in the economy, and over 60% of these received their first employment right after the training.