Industrial energy audit in Bolivia
A Bolivian technician audits an industrial facility.

Affordable and sufficient energy to the people of Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – Part of the NIRAS Group - will support the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme as well as foster training and education in the country.

31. May 2017

With over 30 years of working on development projects in Bolivia, IP Consult has now won a project to support renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country.

During the next 20 months, IP Consult will support the Ministry of Energy of Bolivia in the areas of energy efficiency as well as training and education for renewable energy and energy efficiency on behalf of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ).

Huge potential for energy efficiency

The country has a large potential of renewable energy; mostly wind, biomass and solar PV, which are untapped to a large extent. Limited technical and organizational capacities are a main reason why Bolivia has trouble developing its sustainable energy resources and unlocking international finance for investments. Instead of only generating more electricity, the country could also save energy.

Bolivia’s large cities are either in tropical lowlands or Andean highlands. Thus most buildings need air-conditioning or heating around the year, with large impacts on the country’s energy consumption. The lack of energy efficiency building standards increase the challenge.

Education makes for greener solutions in the future

The team from IP Consult will support the Bolivian government in implementing its programme for energy-efficient retrofitting of public office buildings and to establish a national agency for energy efficiency. A national energy audit programme will also be developed and piloted in the country.

IP Consult will further support universities and technical vocational schools in developing curricula and practice-oriented trainings on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The curricula and trainings are based on a comprehensive analysis of the labour market.

“We will ensure that universities and schools train the future workforce to install and maintain renewable energy technologies as well as tap international funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments,” says Hauke Diederich, Project Manager for Sustainable Energy in IP Consult.

The world’s largest solar diesel hybrid

NIRAS has already supported various renewable energy projects on behalf of the Danish development cooperation, Danida. Amongst others are the world’s largest solar PV-diesel hybrid plant in Cobija, a biomass plant in the same city, various wind farms in the Santa Cruz department of Bolivia as well as the renewable energy development plan of the country.