EU Framework Contracts

NIRAS has managed EU Framework Contracts since 2000, implementing more than 250 short-term assignments worth more than €30 million in over 100 countries. We are now lead partner for two consortia and a partner in three more for SIEA 2018.

The EU Framework Contract is a modality available to obtain high-quality technical expertise for EU-funded projects on very short notice. Each contract is built upon a framework of pre-agreed terms that can be adopted and expanded for a variety of project types in many different contexts.

Through the implementation of EU Framework Contracts, NIRAS can move into action on behalf of the EU more swiftly and efficiently than if each contract needed to be built from the ground up. The framework contracts cover, among other technical areas, agriculture, environment, energy, water, infrastructure, private sector development, trade, governance, gender, and human rights. As such, the potential for impact with each project is immense.

EU framework contract job opportunities

NIRAS is currently looking for professionals to join us for international development projects around the globe within the technical areas of the EU Framework Contracts:

Understanding the challenges of being a freelance consultant, we always offer substantial advance payment to our experts employed on EU Framework Contracts and also regular and fast payments shortly after receiving the European Union’s approval of reports. Our in-house team of professional and dedicated staff will be able to support you in your work and all the logistics will be taken care of by of our travel office. We also offer a comprehensive travel insurance with security monitoring and a specially designed safety app.

We offer:

  • Substantial advance payments;
  • Fast payments upon client approval of outputs;
  • A dedicated EU Framework Contract Unit of experienced professionals/project managers to support you in your work from project inception to project closure;
  • Our own travel agent;
  • A comprehensive travel insurance with security monitoring and a specially designed safety app;
  • Country offices worldwide with office facilities and local staff.

Join our team of committed and driven staff: we are motivated and driven by the professionalism of our work and the opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place. Do you have the technical skills, practical experience and ability to build trust with clients and stakeholders to get the job done? If so, apply today.


Meet our employee

Vincent I. Sikelo