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How can your project support the 17 World Goals? The SDG Capture dialog tool will help answer that question by making the World Goals operational and concrete in any kind of project.

It can be challenging to transform the desire to work with the UN Global Goals into concrete action. Therefore NIRAS has launched the SDG Capture tool which helps to translate the Global Goals into concrete and sustainable initiatives in any given project.

This free dialogue and screening tool offers a systematic approach to how you can work with the Global Goals by setting specific goals and monitoring your efforts. SDG Capture makes it easy to create an overview of the interfaces between the UN Global Goals and virtually every conceivable project within municipalities, regions, industry, healthcare, utilities, transport and construction, etc.

SDG Capture ensures concrete initiatives and measurability between your project and the Global Goals. As a dialogue tool, it increases collaboration and interdisciplinarity as well as contributing to breaking down silo thinking. That way, the Global Goals become more than just 'a sticker' you can put on a project. The goals are transformed into clear possibilities, choices and deselections in your own context as well as throughout your project. In the end, it gives a more sustainable result.

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