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NIRAS in one minute

We outline and design tomorrow's society.

There is a good chance that you have already encountered NIRAS. At least in terms of projects that we have been involved in. As consulting engineers, we do not affix little “Made in” stickers to our projects. If we did, you would see them everywhere.

The wind turbines you can see when approaching Copenhagen Airport is one example. With our primary competencies in environmental assessment and off-shore wind turbine foundations we at NIRAS contribute to the Danish - and global - wind-power adventure. Iconic structures such as DOKK1 in Aarhus and the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)’s concert hall are also projects that NIRAS has contributed to. Our process industry specialists design dairies and breweries worldwide. We do road construction in Norway and environmental assignments in Sweden.

We have a wide reach. Both professionally and geographically. We have 2,300 employees in 51 offices in 27 countries. We have projects in 108 countries. We work with everything from processing plants and construction over energy, environment, and infrastructure to development aid and urban planning.

Understand the challenges of the customer

Across national borders and professional areas runs a common thread. We strive to be a ”next generation consultancy.” The consultancy of the future must both fully understand the challenges facing the client and offer employees with a wide array of pin sharp skills. We believe that knowledge commits you - and not just to your clients. We participate in the societal debates in areas where our knowledge makes it relevant and our practicum placements and industrial PhD’s gives us a close collaboration with engineering programmes and other universities.

Our knowledge contributes to the solving of some of the big societal challenges. Whether dealing with major infrastructure projects, construction, or development aid, our focus is on the creation of sustainable solutions. In 2015, the UN presented 17 ambitious goals for sustainable development. These goals are only achievable if governments, NGO’s, and private enterprises all do their bit. This is why sustainability has a central place both in NIRAS’ current services and when we develop our business.