Biogas plant in Malaysia

NIRAS is process consultant on a project which will make is possible to treat and utilise the biomass from 250,000 pigs
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In Malaysia the entire pig production of the Sarawak province is being gathered in one large farm from which it is possible to treat and utilise the biomass from 250,000 pigs.

The farm consists of a large number of piggeries to be operated by the individual former independent pig farmers. There are areas for pig breeding, slaughterhouse, workforce facilities and plants for treatment of the pig manure and sewage sludge from the slaughterhouse.

Biogas an important part of the project

The biogas plant is thus only part of the total project; however it is central for purification of the manure as well as energy production. Once the pig production is fully expanded, there will be approx. 3,750 m3 pig manure and 250 m3 wastewater and gastrointestinal content from the slaughterhouse per day, a total of 4,000 m3. This corresponds to approx. 1.5 million m3 per year, of which approx. 550,000 m3 per year are led to the biogas plant.

NIRAS is process consultant on the project. We have drawn up the basic design as a basis of a functional tender, and we have assisted technically in the tender process up to the selection of contractor. Further, we have commented on the contractor’s detailed project. During the construction of the biogas plant NIRAS provides ongoing special consultancy.

Construction in stages

The entire plant covers a total area of approx. 3.2 by 4.2 kilometres, of which the actual biogas plant covers an area of approx. 300 by 480 m2 (exclusive of collection reservoirs and floating aquatic plant system).

The plant is built in stages. The farm is constructed on an ongoing basis ending with a total capacity of 250,000 pigs. At present agreements are being entered into with pig farmers about moving their production to the farm. So far, the anchor farm has been expanded to approx. 8,000 pigs.

The slaughterhouse and biogas plant are constructed to their full capacity from the start. The slaughterhouse was completed in 2011. The construction of the biogas plant started in 2011 and is expected to be finished in the course of the summer of 2013.


Project name: Biogas plant in MalaysiaProject period: 2010-2013

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