PhD student at NIRAS to develop new methodologies for groundwater remediation

Published: 06-03-2017

Markus Reischer is one among fourteen early stage researchers affiliated to the EU funded research project METAL-AID. The project aims to develop remediation technologies for subsurface decontamination.

The goal of the research project is to develop a new reactant – a speciel type of iron - to break down groundwater pollution. The project is a collaboration between six universities, four industrial partners and a government agency in Europe with the Nano-Science Centre at Copenhagen University as lead. NIRAS is one of the industrial partners. It is Markus Reischer’s task to research in the field application of this new reactant and how it is most effectively distributed in the contaminated aquifer. 

"The possibilities in NIRAS are great, so I look forward to the next three years here. I've got a unique chance to learn more about environment and remediation. I will learn much more than just about the reactant, we develop,” says Markus.

Testing the new reactant in a contaminated aquifer

The new reactant will be tested on a highly contaminated test site in Ballerup West of Copenhagen. The site is managed by the Capital Region of Denmark and is contaminated with chlorinated solvents, which is one of the most common groundwater pollutants in Denmark. NIRAS has great practical experience in remediation of such sites and will therefore play an important role in the field application of the new reactant. 

"We will achieve valuable knowledge from the research project and hopefully together with Markus orchestra a successful test of the final product on the test site in Ballerup. Through this, NIRAS will also have the opportunity to develop our relations to academic, industrial and regulatory partners further for the benefit of our business," says Senior Project Manager at NIRAS Klaus Weber, who’s working with Markus on the project.

All the researchers will meet in Copenhagen

In May NIRAS - together with the University of Copenhagen - will host a METAL-AID network seminar, where the fourteen researchers and their supervisors will get together. The researchers come from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Philippines, Spain, UK and USA.

The seminar has a clear purpose: “To give the early stage researchers a hands on experience with field work and site characterization, to gain a better understanding of the project's entirety and to learn more about the different areas, in which we each work,” says Markus.

Markus will play an important role at the seminar, where he will be responsible for planning the practical part of the meeting and give a presentation. One of the cornerstones in the project is knowledge sharing within the METAL-AID network in Europe. The seminar in Copenhagen will be one of the first milestones for the research project, which had its beginning in autumn 2016.

METAL-AID project

The research project aims to develop a new reactant to break down contamination in groundwater.

The project is a collaboration between six universities, four industrial partners and a government agency.

There are fourteen early stage researchers affiliated to the research project.

The European Union has financed the project with 3.7 million euros.

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