Nepali government approves Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST)

Published: 02-03-2017

Biomass energy is the most important source of energy in Nepal. While the country still possesses large biomass resources, the level of its use has been unstainable.The Government of Nepal has approved Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) in January as part of its journey to ensure sustainable use of energy resources in the country. Biomass Energy Strategy was developed by IP Consult, a part of NIRAS International Consulting, and the University of Stuttgart in close cooperation with local stakeholders and government.

The Strategy provides a differentiated understanding of the diverse biomass energy situations in Nepal’s different regions and comes up with integrated solutions which contribute to the development of balanced and sustainable supply-demand systems for biomass energy.

To ensure that the Strategy and the accompanying Action Plan is actually put into practice, the team of consultants  made sure that local stakeholders were heard after each step of the strategy development.

“We did not want to write another piece of paper which is kept in the drawer for ages, but  to stop deforestation and to ensure a better life for Nepali people”, says Hauke Diederich, project manager of IP Consult.  

“After approving the Strategy , Nepal  is one step closer to this target”, Diederich says.

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