A winning culture and sustainability go hand in hand

Published: 11-01-2017

Christian Sandberg took over the role as CEO of NIRAS AB from the beginning of the New Year. He will be continuing the growth and increasing the range of services

For Christian Sandberg, who took over the role as CEO per January 1’st, one master’s degree was not enough. He studied at the Swedish agricultural college specializing in business development and economy. But why be constrained to jobs within agriculture and the food industry, he thought. Therefore, he added a master’s degree in international business from the University of Uppsala. Both degrees were acquired the same year, 2004.

The two master’s degrees are a great example of the high level of ambition and the winning culture which Christian Sandberg represents. During his time as a market director in NIRAS, his bidding hit rate was around 70%. A winning culture means a strong work ethic and the ability to walk the extra mile. And even though Christian Sandberg is working for a Danish company, he walks in long Swedish miles.

Sustainable solutions

During his studies, Christian Sandberg worked for Scanagri, working with developing countries. He was on his way with international work. He worked on projects in Mexico and USA. After detours to the Swedish Trade Council in Madrid and a project in Macedonia, he returned to Scanagri, which was a part of NIRAS in 2007.

Today NIRAS has 1500 employees globally, including 160 in Sweden. Besides numerous engineering projects, NIRAS is the largest Nordic operator of projects in developing countries. It is definitely not a coincidence that Christian Sandberg ended up with a company such as NIRAS. His winning disposition goes hand in hand with his commitment to sustainable growth.

‘Everything we do in NIRAS is helping to develop and improve our society. I have been a part of many projects in developing countries, focused on developing small and medium sized companies. The projects are environmentally focused; helping to create sustainable construction projects and tailoring office setups for our clients. And these are just a few examples. My job satisfaction is greatly impacted by working at a company that is actually contributing to sustainable solutions,’ he says.

Continuing growth

NIRAS AB has, by acquiring Indevelop and FM Consulting, grown in the past year. Christian Sandberg will as VD, as the Swedish call it, be continuing the growth curve.

‘We need to become even better at using the fact that we have a huge company backing us. We should constantly be honing our competitive skills in all areas of our work. At the same time we should be expanding our range of services,’ he says.

Most of his free time is spent with wife Åsa and their three sons of ten, six and two. When time allows, 39 year old Christian Sandberg goes skiing, play sports or just enjoy nature.

Christian Sandberg is replacing Markus Davelid. Davelid has lead NIRAS in Sweden since 2012. During these four years, deficits were turned into strong results. During that time, Markus Davelid has been a part of NIRAS’ board of directors as international director, a role he will now focus on full time.

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