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Federica Labbadia (4th from the front left) is one of eleven graduates from our two year on-the-job training programme NIRAS Young Professional Academy.

Published: 19-06-2017

Working with her passion for education and training in development countries, Federica Labbadia has now started her carrier within development consulting at NIRAS after graduating from our two year on-the-job training programme NIRAS Young Professional Academy.

I joined NIRAS through the NIRAS Young Professional Academy in June 2015 in Belgrade and I can’t believe that two years passed so quickly, bringing me to a permanent position in the company.

These two years were full of experiences, that made me significantly grow professionally and personally. I have been trained on the main service offered by NIRAS in the field of international cooperation, like tender management, business development, project management and consulting. At the same time, I had the chance to work in different NIRAS offices in Europe, but also in the countries where we operate, like Egypt, Rwanda, Kenya and Albania.

My passion for education and training

During the programme, I had the opportunity to challenge myself through different tasks that required involvement, commitment and responsibilities about the final outcome. Furthermore, NIRAS gave me the chance to grow in my sector of interest, which is Technical and Vocational Education and Training – in short TVET - and employment promotion, including me in tenders and projects in this field.

The most challenging experience I had was a tender for an EU-funded project in the TVET sector in Egypt, that I followed since the beginning. I first did the fact-finding mission in Egypt for collecting background information about the country and the sector and about the donor, competitors and potential experts. After this, I worked as tender and finally, after the awarding, as project manager providing administrative, logistical and technical support to the team of experts that has to implement the activities and for assuring the compliance to NIRAS and EU rules. It was hard, but thanks to the support of more experienced colleagues that always helped and motivated me, I succeeded and acquired invaluable knowledge and skills.

Working on the front line

Another incredible experience that made my travel in the programme special, is my deployment to our country office in Kenya. I have been placed there for almost two months and I supported the Kenyan staff in their pipeline, including a tender in the TVET sector that we won thanks to a great team work. I really enjoyed working there and learnt a lot about the way things should be managed in the field.

One step back and a huge leap forward

I joined the NIRAS Young Professional Academy programme after I had already been working for five years in the development field and, at the beginning, I was scared that it could have been a step back in my professional growth.

After two years, I can surely say that it was a brilliant decision, because I made thousand steps ahead in my professional path. Now, if I went back, I would do the same and would definitively recommend the programme to other people.

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