Bid for highway opens the door to the lucrative Norwegian road construction market

Published: 24-11-2015

The bid to design and build four kilometres of highway in eastern Norway is a solid first step in entering the strategically important infrastructure market of Norway

If you have driven on holiday in Norway in recent years, you cannot help but have noticed the many road construction projects. You can hardly drive a few kilometres without encountering a new ongoing construction, an upgrade of existing roads, a new bridge or a new tunnel being built.

NIRAS has, in cooperation with Structor Lillehammer AS, won the bid for the design and construction of 4.1 kilometres of highway on Riksvej 4, from Roa to the municipality border at Gran, approximately 50 kilometres north of the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The project was on bid from the public road administration for the eastern region.

Strategically important order

The project is strategically important since NIRAS will be focusing on cementing the role of Scandinavian infrastructure advisor in the coming years.

The Norwegian market is particularly important since the public road administration is investing more than 25 billion Norwegian kroner (20 billion Danish kroner) in expanding and maintaining infrastructure.


Visualization by the public road administration

‘Riksvej 4 will be an important endorsement when we bid on more Norwegian projects in the future. First, we will prove our specialist competence when it comes to design and construction, but there is also a follow up option of supervision during the construction period,’ says NIRAS project manager Theis Tarp Rasmussen.

Excellent references key factor in winning

NIRAS is a subcontractor to the Norwegian engineering firm, Structor Lillehammer AS. When making the choice, the Norwegian public road administration focused heavily on getting a very experienced team, Structor Lilehammer and NIRAS had this to offer:

‘Structor, and subcontractor (NIRAS et al. ed.) has solid, relevant and comprehensive experience from previous projects. They also have excellent recommendations. They seem like a good and safe choice,’ from the public road administration’s explanatory statement.

Ambitious growth plans in Norwegian market

NIRAS is one of the largest consulting engineering companies in Denmark, and the ambition is to grow significantly in the Norwegian market

‘We have an ambitious growth plan in regards to Norway. That growth will not only be confined to the area of infrastructure. But each of the five regions which the Norwegian public road administration is split into, all have larger budgets than the Danish road administration, so there is a lot of potential,’ says Carsten Heine Lund, director of infrastructure at NIRAS.


  • 4.1 km, 4-lane highway from Roa to Gran, some 50 kilometres North of Oslo
  • 7 bridges
  • 1 circular interchange
  • Expected inauguration: 2019
  • Total cost: 1.1 billion NOK, equivalent of about 900 million DKK

Contact info

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Theis Tarp RasmussenAllerødDenmarkT: +45 4810 4256E: Send E-mail
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