New premises for CSN in Gothenburg

CSN in Gothenburg with around 60 employees had been working in the same premises on Kungsgatan for several years. The premises were pleasant enough, but because of changes in the business they had become too big and expensive in terms of space per workplace.

So they started themselves to look for new premises that would be more suitable for the current business. But what they were offered was not sufficiently interesting. As CSN had signed a framework agreement with NIRAS on utilities services, they decided to turn to NIRAS for help with the office in Gothenburg. NIRAS conducted interviews with those involved in the business and drew up an analysis of needs to define what kind of premises CSN needed. They came up with reasonably sized premises in which they wanted an open plan office solution, supplemented with cellular offices, a telephone room, meeting room, printer room and other support functions. They also wanted the premises to be all on one level and easy to reach using public transport. An enquiry was then sent to selected property owners in Gothenburg.

Of all proposals received, they selected three that satisfied CSN’s requirements. Following further analysis, they finally decided on premises in a convenient location on Postgatan, which were adapted and renovated to meet CSN’s needs. NIRAS took care of the whole contract and removal process, and also maintained overall control of the project, including budget and schedule. The new premises have made it possible to reduce the area per workspace by 34%, with a cost saving of 27% per workspace compared with the old office. And, perhaps most importantly of all: the employees are happy and say that they are proud of their new office.

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