Integrated management system

HOMIS is a quite unique, integrated management system which can automatically gather a company’s financial and operational data and present it as effective key figures.

HOMIS provides management with a quick overview – 3 clicks and everyone can see the results that they have created during the period.

HOMIS supports the principles of continuous improvement by measuring, identifying, analysing and initiating improvements. If the key figures do not meet the goals, HOMIS will ask the person responsible about a cause and thus create the basis of systematic improvement initiatives.

HOMIS can also generate management reports, thus creating a uniform platform for control and follow-up.

HOMIS is a web-based system which integrates with the company’s existing IT platform. Using HOMIS’ intelligent interface enables the gathering of data in other databases and the processing of the data into the requested key figures.

HOMIS is an effective display of management information; and we would be pleased to demonstrate the program.

"HOMIS is a web-based application that can be integrated with the company’s existing
IT platform"

Contact info

Flemming MunckMarket Director, GIST: +45 8732 3314E: Send E-mail
Henrik Hovgaard KristensenTechnical Project ManagerAalborgT: +45 9630 6585E: Send E-mail
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