Operating Production Facility

A detailed investigation of soil contamination with chlorinated solvents at a large operating production facility was conducted using the TRIAD approach.

The field work was conducted during a 1½ week period using 1 GeoProbe rig and the full toolbox consisting of MIP, FLUTe liners, soil coring, and groundwater sampling. All soil, water, and soil gas samples were analyzed on site using DSITMS (Direct Sampling Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer) and the EPA 8265 method. A total of 50 samples of soil gas, 125 samples of soil, and 20 samples of ground water were analyzed on site using the DSITMS system. A total of 15 MIP-profiles were generated. Field analyses were performed by Triad Environmental Solutions, Inc.

A number of cores were taken from the limestone aquifer using Sonic Drilling and logged and sub-sampled on site. The wells were completed using CMT multi-level samplers with 7 discrete intakes.

During the field campaign, the conceptual site model was build, and upon the completion of the 2 weeks in the field, it had matured to a degree that the outline of the identified source area was clear, and the data gaps to be filled in at a later phase were clearly identified.

A follow up investigation is underway to address the identified data gaps.

Client: Capital Region of Zealand, 2010

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