Environmental due diligence

Pollution assessments, environmental permits etc.

EDD can include both the external and working environment, ful-filment of legal requirements etc. Production facilities, buildings and historical production development are reviewed to document environmental and risk liability issues. Immediate and necessary future measures and their associated costs are assessed.

EDD during property transactions can vary from desktop screen-ing based on a site visit to detailed environmental assessments based on international standards (ASTM) depending on the poten-tial liability or other requirements.

NIRAS has the qualifications and organizational capacity to perform EDD both nationally and internationally within a short time-frame. The EDD can be combined with social and property condition assessments. NIRAS has access to a network of partners in several European countries for due diligence assessments under local conditions.

"We identify and capitalize environmental assets and risks – to ensure reliable decision making for buyer and seller"

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Torsten Busk Jespersen Project managerAarhusT: +45 8732 3239E: Send E-mail
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